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If you are looking to tow your regular sized sedan to minivans, luxury included, then you have come to the right place. Anything that is 2500 GVWR and under -- when it comes to towing a vehicle in the light range, after your call, our trustworthy staff will arrive on the scene prepared.

General Towing

At Bellevue Towing, we have high regard for innovation and are always striving to meet the demands of upcoming automotive engineering and innovation. We look forward to adapting our skills to get the tow job completed with excellence!!!

Electric & Hybrid Cars

Adapting standard towing strategies for luxury class vehicles, we at Bellevue Towing are able to offer our clients and owners luxury vehicles unmatched service in security and safety. We equip all of our drivers with instructions from the user manual suggested towing techniques.

Luxury & Sports Cars

A tight and tricky place, low clearance parking garage tows are a specialty for Bellevue Towing. We are equipped for 5ft 8inches and above, so you can breathe easy with us on your towing side.

Low Clearance Garage Towing

We know you are busy, we also know that timing does not always allow you to be on the scene when a tow takes place. At Bellevue Towing, we have worked hard to create a reliable service where customers can confidently contact us for unattended tows. Changing the way customers experience towing.

Unattended Vehicles Towing

Including most passenger cars and trucks such as the Ford Echo line, up to 25,000 GVWRR, RV’s, travel homes, boat trailers, U-haul, you name it -- in an emergency you can call us 24/7 or for tows that you know are coming, we work with you to schedule appointments.

Commercial Fleet/ Medium Duty Towing

Accidents are an unfortunate situation. Bellevue Towing will be there for you in a matter of minutes. We specialize in accidents and recovery. Our highly experienced drivers will get you taken care of, don’t wait to give Bellevue Towing a call.

Recovery & Accident Scene

There are many reasons this kind of service is needed. These times often lead to stress and frustration. Using a winch attached to the back of one of our heavy-duty tow trucks, our experienced driver will safely use cable wrapped around the wheel drums and a hook to pull your vehicle out.


No matter what location and time it is, or the type of gas you need, we will be able to, and happy to help. Call us and we will bring you enough gas, of any kind, to get you to the nearest station. Bellevue Towing makes delivering gas to you simple and headache-free.

Gas Delivery

Lockouts are when you have locked your keys inside your vehicle. Bellevue Towing provides the best and most advanced tools to our team. Our team is prepared to tackle this service with utter excellence. Do not wait at all, call Bellevue Towing.

Lockout Assistance

Instead of struggling trying to change your tire, we suggest you let the experts handle it. We will send our highly skilled driver to you for examine the situation and change the tire. When you have a flat, Bellevue Towing will do whatever it takes to change your tire and get you on your way.

Tire Change

When in need of our help, once on the scene, our trained truck driver will have your car battery going in no time. No matter the situation, from lights left on to needing a new battery, Bellevue Towing is your trusted company to call. We are open 24/7, 365!

Jumpstart Assistance

Not a job for the inexperienced, variety of methods could be used to achieve towing your AWD/4WD effortlessly; out of any situation. Designed to reach a diverse level of performance, these rugged vehicles are often advised by manufacturers to be towed on flatbeds.

All-wheel drive towing

Having a Custom or Lowered vehicle is a favor one could do for themselves. But all that changes when you break down, if you choose inexperienced towing company you might end-up with damaged bumper, if not unattached one. That is why You should trust Bellevue Towing whom drivers tow the safest.

Lockout Assistance

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